Monday, 31 March 2014

Why do we do it?

Sewing is a great hobby.

 It teaches you lots of things, and one of the most common things it teaches you is how to fail. And, lets face it, no one likes to fail.

 This is what can happen....

You are going to a party.

You imagine a lovely style,
 you look for a pattern to create your new garment,
 followed by fabric and trimmings.

 It starts to get costly!
(but it will be so much nicer than a shop bought garment!)

You need to choose a size to cut out. 
Measure yourself, or guess which size you will need.
They say I am a size WHAT????
(I cant be, I'm only a size 2, or 3, or 4!)
Cut out the garment.... but wait! 
If you are really sensible,
You cut out a calico version first to see how it fits. 
Try to understand the sewing instuctions....
Sew it up. 
Try it on.
Calico looks rubbish on anyone unless you are a supermodel 
 Pin the garment to fit your body
(where is a helper when I need one?)
Adjust your pattern .
Cut out the garment in your fabric.
You start to make your outfit. 
Its getting long and drawn out now 
And you may be getting bored,
So you rush through the process.
(maybe the party is TODAY!)
Try it on....


The fabric doesn't do what you want it to...
 The Colour doesn't suit you
Pockets are doing something funny,
And the style isn't right.
The pants seams are twisting round your legs....
The buttons on the blouse gape and pull.

It just isn't you.
So what can you do?
Why does that lovely style in your head
Look so dreadful in reality?

Take it off, chuck it in the UFO pile
Hide your pile of shame away until another day
And go and put something old on

To go to that party.

Been there, done that. 
Nobody is perfect.

But I have made a few things in my career,
And maybe I can tell you
 some things 
that I learnt the hard way
may help you to get it right
Next time.

So please... remember me!

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